Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dyed my hair

I dyed my hair last week using L'Oreal Feria Pure Violet Power.

I've tried numerous brands of hair dye and L'Oreal's Feria range is the only one whose colour sticks in my hair. Despite the labels on all the other brands saying 'permanent' and 'won't wash out' and 'fade resistant', I find that the colour is mostly gone after only a few weeks! I've even been to the hairdresser once or twice and spent a lot of money (my hair is very long) getting them to dye my hair, and still the colour faded out after a few weeks. So now I only use L'Oreal Feria.

About a year ago I dyed my hair using L'Oreal Feria Pure Purple Power and the colour came out really well. In the second half of last year, when I was in the US, I tried to get the same colour but couldn't find it anywhere. The shops only had boring colours on the shelf -- no purples or burgundys!

Now that I'm in London there are lots of dark purple and dark burgundy options from which to choose.

BTW way, my dyed hair isn't actually full on purple, it's a rich dark brown with purple/burgundy tones. The purple/burgundy is particularly obvious when the light shines on it.

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