Monday, November 22, 2004

Reading novels on PDAs

Several people have asked me if it's a strain on the eyes to read entire novels on the iPAQ. Anyone who asks this question has obviously not seen the majesty of the 480x640-resolution-transreflective-backlit-VGA-screen of the hx4705!

You can adjust the backlight, the font size, the font colour, so it's very customisable to personal preference.

Below is a screenshot. The screenshot really doesn't do it justice though, it looks much more inpressive in real life. Also, this screenshot is actually lower resolution than the real thing. 480 pixels by 640 pixels is too wide for this blog column and will throw the right-hand menu panel askew. Note that the image below links to a full 480 x 640 pixel image, which if you view at 100% rather than at whatever IE automatically resizes it to, you'll see it is very sharp.

First page of chapter one of The Da Vinci Code.
Screenshot taken with Pocket Informant 5 on an iPAQ hx4705.

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