Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spinning Rubik's CubeLast year I registered the domain name The purpose was to have a more permanent URL for my Rubik's Cube beginner solution. I'd been using free hosting before, which meant I'd ended up needing to change the URL every couple of years.

Now I am paying for hosting, but it should mean I have higher bandwidth limits and not have to change the main URL again. I haven't really promoted the new domain name much yet, and people are still linking to my old URLs. I should do something about this at some point!

I moved the beginner solution pages over to a while ago, but I hadn't really done anything about the homepage, until today. I've finally put up something more than an "under construction" message with a couple of links. It's certainly not finished, but at least I have something there now.

I don't know enough about CSS to start from a blank page (would take me forever!!), but I know enough to take an existing page and make some changes. So I looked around for a free template site. I found the site Free Website Templates and grabbed the inkcluded design, and based my new homepage on that.

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