Sunday, May 13, 2007

Whole Foods, Marks & Spencer, Dean & Deluca

Something I miss about the UK is Marks & Spencer. I love Marks & Spencer. It's one of my favourite stores in the whole world. I have bought so much stuff there - food, wine, clothes, jewellery, shoes, everything!

I am yet to find a store as awesome as M&S in the US, but one store that does rate a mention is Whole Foods. They have a very good cheese section. This is important because I thought I wouldn't be able to get my favourite French cheeses in the US.

Another store which I understand has a very good cheese selection is Dean & Deluca. I have visited this store, but I've not yet sampled their wares. Must remedy this!


Colin said...

I think G also found Weetabix (not Weetbix, but close) at Whole Foods. It is really difficult to find cereal without heaps of sugar here.

Unfortunately one of my colleagues tells me they also have the nickname 'Whole Paycheck' because they're expensive.

How do they compare to M&S? I never really shopped there when I was in the UK briefly.

Colin said...

Interesting that you liked M&S because they had everything in one place. Have you tried Fred Meyer. That is pretty much every shop you would need in one place including supermarket, department store, jeweller, electrical store, pharmacy etc. etc.

I haven't shopped there too much yet so I'm sure about the quality.