Friday, December 22, 2006

Blogger Beta RSS feeds don't play nicely with Egress or Sharp Reader

iPAQSomething that is really bothering me with Blogger Beta blogs is that RSS feeds from them don't seem to play nicely with Egress. I'm guessing that it's something to do with the changes between Blogger and Blogger Beta because I've been using the same version of Egress for the past few months. Also, Peter is seeing the same problems with Blogger Beta blogs through his RSS aggregator (Sharp Reader)

What happens is that every time I sync (in Egress) the RSS feed from a Blogger Beta blog, all of the entries (or a large number) come down as being published today, even though when I look at the actual blog website I can see the entry being dated weeks ago. Also, the blog entries are synchronising completely out-of-order.

The most annoying thing that's happening is that once I read an entry and it's marked unread, I find that if I re-sync that blog later in the day, all/most of the old 'read' entries become 'unread'. This means that I no longer know when there's actual new content to look at because anything marked as 'unread' might be new content, or it might just be the entry I read a couple of hours ago which has been re-synced back to 'unread'.

I've contacted the developers of Egress to ask if there's any way they can help. I don't know if they can, but I figured it's worth asking. I hope that that something can be worked out because it's really bugging me!

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