Monday, September 04, 2006

Oh no! The Crocodile Hunter is gone! :(

Was very shocked and sad to open up the news websites this morning and discover that Steve Irwin has died. :( I see that this news has made the headlines all over the world. I hadn't realised he was so well known in so many countries.


peter said...

Badness! This was all over satellite TV when I looked in my hotel room in Warsaw this morning!

Michiel van der Blonk said...

When Yasmara told me she didn't want to dive anymore because she had seen a stingray swimming above her like an enormous cloud I thought that was silly, because sources said these animals are shy. Now I understand they are shy, but also extremely lethal!!

BagelHot said...

They actually have an action figure being sold in North America of Steve and his wife by Macfarlane Toys.
I wonder if it'll be worth more now?