Sunday, May 21, 2006

New blog: Fluffy Feline Friends

Anyone who's been following this blog over the past few months will have noticed that it's been fairly cat-centric, and everything else has been pushed aside. So, I've decided to create a separate 'all kitty' blog: Fluffy Feline Friends.

If you are mainly just interested in kittycats, then I suggest you update your links and bookmarks, as kitty related posts will now be over at Fluffy Feline Friends.

Hi. I'm BK. I like to miaow and purr.
Hi. I'm BK. I love to miaow and purr.
I'm going to be making occasional guest appearances
over at Jasmine's new blog, Fluffy Feline Friends.


Beau Beau & Angie said...

Ohh you am so puurty and shiny too. We'll put your new link on our blog.

RobC said...

Hi Jasmine, I just love the new Feline Centric blog... I will put a link up on Myoo's blog...