Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Third hard reset on my hx4705

My iPAQ had been running very smoothly for the past two days since I rebuilt it. Cool. But then something terrible happened this afternoon - it froze and it wouldn't wake up. Very not cool. :(

Sometimes PDAs freeze and a simple soft reset solves the problem. Easy. But this time a soft reset (quite a lot of them!) did nothing! Very distressing. So, I figured that I was going to have to hard reset again. :(

When I've hard reset in the past I've always done it through Tweaks2k2. I've never actually done it the 'old fashioned way', and so didn't know how. I had a quick look around for the manual, but couldn't find it, so jumped online. Fortunately I found the hx4705 documentation, including the How do I...? booklet and the User Guide pretty quickly.

Now I'm reinstalling stuff. Not too much fun, but if it was going to happen then now is better than later since I hadn't finished re-installing from the last re-build anyway. *sigh*

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