Saturday, June 04, 2005

Virgin Atlantic Frequent Paws

Virgin Atlantic have announced a new frequent flyer scheme for cats (and other animals too). On the first flight Miss Kitty will receive a toy mouse. Once Miss Kitty has flown enough to rack up 5 paw prints (not sure how much flying this requires), Miss Kitty will be be eligible for things such as handmade food bowls. And with further flights Miss Kitty will be able to choose from a selection of Prada and Gucci pet clothing.

If Miss Kitty is feeling generous, she may instead donate her bonuses to her person who can take them as frequent flyer points.

I would like to use my Frequent Paw points to acquire some Prada and Gucci clothing


Marissa said...

Hmmm, I can see some unscrupulous cat owners strong-arming Miss Kitty into giving up her paw points.

MadClikr said...

I can see the fine print now... do you, Miss Kitty, agree to "donate" your paw prints to your loving and kind master? Do you, oh loving and kind master, agree to cherish and hold in highest regard the paw prints which Miss Kitty has so kindly given to you?

What if the animal dies? Does the owner "inherit" the former pet's paw prints? Are the paw prints transferable to other cats? Must the cat have a photo ID to prove that they, and only they, are the original cat who owns the paw prints? And, what about dogs and guppies, don't they deserve rewards too?!

Jasmine said...

The two other animals mentioned in an article I read were dogs and ferrets. I think the paw print scheme is open to all animals though?

MadClikr said...

Wow, you replied fast! I was just going to add that the article (I just read it) mentioned other animals as well. I wonder what kind of clothing they would give to a goldfish... perhaps a new scuba diver for the fish tank instead? ;-)

Jasmine said...

I don't usually reply so fast. I've got Blogger comments set up to email me a notification when a comment is posted and I just happened to be online when your comment can through, so I thought I'd reply!