Wednesday, April 06, 2005


When reading Jenneth's blog the other day I was reminded that I wanted to check out TomeRaider. I installed the trial version to my iPAQ and the IMDB database to check out TomeRaider's features.

Imagine having the IMDB database in your pocket! The next time someone says "who was that actor, y'know, the one in that movie?" or "what other movies has so-and-so been in?" I will be able to whip out my hx4705 and look it up! Pretty cool, hey? And it's not just IMDB, there's heaps of other great stuff available for TomeRaider, including Wikipedia. Yes, Wikipedia! Imagine having Wikipedia in your pocket. Talk about impressive! I'm glad I bought memory cards for my hx4705!


Anonymous said...

okay well i am trying to use your rubix cube solution....and i have the first layer solved...and so i position the pieces to be put in the second layer correctly and i do the acronym(SP?) and it totally does not go into the goes back into the position it was originally in?! could you please tell me if i'm doing something wrong? or if it is messed up?! thank you!!!


Jasmine said...

Hi Keeley,

Always glad to hear from new cubers! :)

Send me your email address to jasmine_ellen at yahoo dot com so I can reply properly rather than via comments on my blog.

BTW, many people have problems with this part of the solution so don't worry too much - I'm sure I can help you out here.