Monday, February 13, 2006

Second hard reset on my hx4705

Did my second hard reset on my iPAQ hx4705 over the weekend. The memory was maxing out pretty quickly if I was using bluetooth and had multiple applications open, so I figured it must be time for a rebuild.

I checked back through the archives of my blog to find out when the first hard reset was. To my surprise, it was almost exactly a year ago. I hadn't realised it had been so long!

For now I've just re-installed the essentials: Wisbar Advance 2 (and some custom skins), Fitaly, MemMaid, Tweaks2k2, Calendar+, Weather Panel, Battery Pack Pro, Resco File Explorer, Tomeraider, CityTime, CodeWallet, Scrabble and Egress. Yes, these apps are all essential!

The other important thing I've been doing is re-configuring everything to make it just the way I like it. I have my hx4705 pretty heavily customised and I simply can't live with it being vanilla!


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